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Training people for horses

Does your horse stop easy?
Does your horse shy?
Does your horse rear?
Does your horse run away and buck?
Does your horse do as it wants?
Do you lack confidence?

This list could go on and on  and I am sure you can add to it  so if you have a problem lets go through it together .

Specializing in teaching  the Californian hackamore , snaffle bit and straight-up bridle horsemanship that produce the lightest velvet mouthed horse in the way of the Vaquero.

Maybe you are having a problem with one of your horses and you are not sure what to do and have hit a barrier.

A horse has four basic directions as we all know, forward,backwards and sideways.  
Some horses do them all correctly in a lovely soft flowing motion and  then there are the others that don't.
If  your horse is not finger tip light with a soft and fluid body motion, and you wish it were,  we can help.

Or maybe you would like to progress with your horses but you are finding you lack a little confidence for some reason.
Maybe you have just started back after a break or you are just starting new and would like to know the correct and a better way from what you may have heard.

Learn more about your horse and why it does what it does, get closer in mind and spirit for better communication, respect and understanding.

Learn proper riding aids and understand how, where and why to use them to get lighter, softer better response and a safer and more enjoyable ride.

Learn the way to softly control the horse that  would prefer its own way than what you had in mind.

The horse thinks its way, and it's idea is the right way, for the horse is always right.

You as the rider must make your idea become the horses idea  then that idea will then be right for the horse .
These will be the idea's we will share to get your horse thinking them  also and show the horse how the "Right thing" can be  easy.

This is such good fun for both horse and rider because horses really do like to please but they are muddled in their mind because of the way we present ourselves to them.
A lot of the time we are to blame, we need to be more clear.
If I spoke in a foreign language then you probably wouldn't understand either.
 You would probably also attempt to figure out what I was saying, and most likely you would make mistakes, so why would the horse be any different?  
We are working on a mind more so than a body, but we put the body in a position that will relate back to the mind, then the body will follow.
Your mind will make the difference and get things right for you. The horse will follow.

"Feeling the feel right down to the feet is like no other feel when a good feel is felt"

Total body control.  And its all done, through the mind.

True natural horsemanship.

Our Programs

One on one or group,  Half days and full days either at your place or a suitable venue.

"Horsemanship" One and two day schools "The understanding of Understanding"

Find, fix and forget those  problems

Four day Bush or Beach "Horsemanship camps" 
4  full days of great horsemanship fun and learning either at the beach or  the bush.
Imagine how you and your horse go away from this one.

"Horsemanship"   Novice and beginners, Start off on the "right foot"
Finding and following the "Feel" to produce a feather touch horse.
"Put the feet where they should be and get a feel so soft and free"

Understanding and using the Hackamore

Proper use of the Snaffle bit

Bringing your horse into the two rein

Moving from the snaffle to the curb

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"A lesson is short  .... Knowledge is forever"

Student ...  " Master, How is it that you hear , feel and see these things?"

Master ...            "How is it that you do not?"

This Horse and Me.

When we ride, we ride with ease
A horse and man to each we please
We take in the wonder of it all
How we feel sitting tall
On a friend we ride so full of trust
To build this bond it was a must.

We ride the waves of a grassy sea
We smell the flowers and scent of tree's
We feel the feel that we both share
It took some time to put it there.

The flow of life we both see
As it flows as one in harmony
For my horse and me.

If  you would like to join in and promote a Horsemanship clinic in your area please do not hesitate to contact me.



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