Saddle fit for The Horse and Rider.

  A successful partnership between a rider and their horse relies on correct saddle fit.  One saddle will not and cannot be expected to fit every horse.
Each horse is different as is each rider and comfort is of priority, therefore we employ a unique system developed by our tree maker.

Our Fit Forms, which are an exact copy of the bearing surface base of a saddle tree’s bars are used to determine which fit is going to be the most comfortable for the horse.
As it is not possible to carry every different shaped saddle tree having the range of fit forms, seven in all is the next best thing.

Once a saddle order is in place then the fitting of your horse is next.  Horses can be fitted here at the Old West saddle Shop or the Fit Forms can be mailed to you. Alternatively I can travel to you depending on your location.
I am willing to travel both intra and inter state at customers expense, however with the fit form system this is not generally necessary.

Fit Forms are very easy to use to determine the correct fit for your horse and if done remotely I can assist via a phone conversation to ease any confusion.

This also allows the customer to be able to see exactly how the finished saddle tree will fit on his or her horses back. There is no hit or miss with the system and when your saddle tree arrives from the tree maker it will fit exactly as the Fit Form did.

This is a system that would have had much merit over the years and many horses would have benefited greatly,  however it wasn’t and a huge percentage of horses lived their working lives in discomfort to bordering on excruciating pain resulting in a range
of behavior problems from a lack of freedom in performance to being downright dangerous, all because of saddle fit and comfort.

A rider cannot see what tree is in their saddle but a horse can feel and respond accordingly to both a comfortable and uncomfortable saddle which they have no choice but to accept.
Generally a horse can only put up with an ill fitting saddle for a very short time, as would you with ill fitting shoes.  Horses can be expected to carry a rider for many hours.
It is owed to them that they have the best comfort experience possible.

There is no industry standard therefore saddle tree’s are made to each makers designs,  resulting in differences from one tree maker to another in terms of bar shape and fit.  This isn’t the best approach and can serve to ruin a saddle makers reputation.

As each rider is different so are the seat sizes required.  A saddle tree comes in half inch seat length increments, so to have a proper and balanced seat for the rider a correct seat length is required. 
A finished saddle will reduce a seat length  by a little over half an inch [ aprox 12 cm ] and a saddle tree is ordered accordingly to accommodate the difference.

It must be noted that a too short or too long  seat is not preferable to a correct riding position,  control or comfort.  Therefore an enjoyable safe riding experience will not be achieved.

We have a huge range of timber tree’s at our disposal, single fibre glass covered for general riding, double covered for light roping, rawhide or bull hide covered for heavy roping.

Our saddles suit every riders styles and demands.

Saddle tree’s come in a wide range of fork shapes and designs, horns, bar designs and cantles so every desired finished saddle is catered for.

Our tree’s are made in Tennessee USA by the same family company since 1848.  They are proven leaders in their field of exceptional quality and innovation for the changing times of the western horse.

A pic of a Fit Form is shown below to let you see how and why this works so well.

The saddle must be the best friend between you and your horse and it all starts with the fit of the tree.