They Saddled the West

The great American cattle drives through the 1800's brought about  a necessary change in the cowboys requirements of saddlery and associated gear.

Visalia, Meanea, Taylor, Marden, Coggshall and countless others,
Saddle makers that changed the western saddle from a very rudimentary contraption into a work of useful, robust and in some cases a magnificent art to be treasured and the greatest tool a cowboy could possibly ever own.

Men who truly " Saddled the West"

To own and ride in a new "Old Timer" is to go back to a time when the cowboy was truly king of the range and his saddle, his throne.

Our saddles today are built on finer trees with better leather and hardware than yesteryear.
Our carving techniques have also evolved so the modern day built saddle is superior in most every material way and we can only make an effort to emulate the incredible feeling it gives to the person that is fortunate enough to experience such a saddle and to ride with pride as in that golden time of grand old American history.

John K Allington
Beechmont Queensland Australia


About the saddles

The saddles are built using Hermann Oak leather throughout.
  The finest saddle tree's available are used exclusively.
Skirts are lined with the finest Australian Merino fleece.
Hardware is all stainless steel or bronze with stirrups of choice.
Saddles can be tooled to owners desires.

Please approach us with expressions of interest.

Building fine hand crafted saddles since 1961