Hi John,


Well I have had a few weekends to fully test my saddle and I have to tell you I am extremely impressed.


Thankyou so much for what you have made – a real classy saddle and I love it.  Fits like a glove I have to say.


Thanks John for your expert assistance during the construction phase and for the final product.  I and my horses love it.

You are a master.


Regards Vicki White


When I first met John and he gave me the saddle forms and explained how to use them I knew that he was the one to make my saddle.
 From that point until I picked up my saddle everything went flawlessly, his communication with me during the build was great and as this was my first custom saddle I was a bit nervous but there was no need to be and with him keeping in touch put my mind at ease.
When I picked up my saddle I could not have been happier it was perfect and once I got it home and tried it on my horse, again perfect, the only complaint I have is that after my first ride in it I had to get out of it.
It was that comfortable I could swear it was an old saddle that I had ridden in for years.
Thanks again John for a great saddle and being a great bloke. 

Clem Murnane.


Late last year I took delivery of my new Wade western saddle, ‘The Kootenay’ hand crafted by John Allington.
It’s an exciting time waiting for delivery of something you’ve spent months planning and saving for, and when it finally arrives, you find it’s been worth the wait. I am extremely pleased with the attention to detail and the beauty of the saddle. It is just as I imagined it would be.
The whole process was very easy. From first contact with John, to him sending the fit form templates down to South Australia so we would get the best fit for my short-backed, mutton withered Morgan mare. Then deciding on the right colour, finish, style, shape and tooling was completed with ease because John is an easy man to work with, and any suggestions I had were worked out without any fuss.
The end result was just what I imagined. In hindsight I might have made a different decision about the seat leather. If I had my time again, I would have chosen a suede or rough-out finish instead of the smoother leather on the seat, but thankfully sticky bum jeans have helped out there, so that problem isn’t really a problem.
I also had a matching rear cinch assembly, breastplate and bridle made to complete the set.
The saddle and I are still getting used to each other as I haven’t really had that many opportunities to ride in it, but every time it gets more comfortable to ride in, and I know it will become my best ride-out saddle before much longer.
Thank you John, for making my saddle purchasing experience so enjoyable, and for your wonderful attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship.
To anyone thinking of purchasing a western saddle, I would highly recommend John Allington. You can’t go wrong.

Thank you
Vicki Kirss


Dear John

I write my experience with no hesitation:

Re: Flowing Creek Visalia

To say I’m “over the moon” with my newly created John Allington, Flowing Creek Visalia A Fork Western saddle would be an understatement!

John has created a genuine heirloom piece for me that I will truly treasure for my life time. I searched for months to find a saddler. As a Para Rider I needed a saddle that would hold me securely, be designed to suit my needs, be functional, be made of premium materials, created professionally and have some bling for looks. John has surpassed all my expectations. From our first planning meeting in John’s workshop, John made me feel at ease and completely confident that he was qualified and competent to create my saddle. He clarified my concerns and answered my millions of questions I bombarded him with. 

Next we met with my horse so John could measure him precisely with his saddle fitting kit. 

From that point on it was some agonizing months of patience waiting for John to create my masterpiece, due to the number of customer orders in front of mine and then the actual time it took to make my saddle. John kept me informed of his progress every step of the way.  He would contact me to discuss items he thought which would enhance my saddle. John was able to use his creative talents even to hand carve and incorporate my favorite flower being Lilies into my saddle design just from a few pictures I had emailed him.  

When I picked up my saddle, it really had exceeded all my expectations. The saddle literally shone.!!! The leather and carving work was beautifully done. The colours all matched. The stitching both by machine and by hand was done perfectly and precisely. The silver work looked amazing. Overall the whole thing looked incredible. It looked too good to ride in. I just wanted to get it home and put it in my lounge room and look at it all day.  John also made me a matching rear cinch, breast plate and bridle. The complete set just looked WOW!!!!!

The next test was to see how both me and my horse felt riding. I felt comfortable and safe from the get go. The saddle fit both of us so well it was like riding bare back. My horse was happy with no restrictions in any gait. We love our saddle!!!!!

Thank you so much John for my Saddle. You are a true gentleman and superbly talented craftsman. You should be truly proud of the work you’ve created. I’ve learn't so much from you John. I’ve absolutely enjoyed working with you during this process, getting to know you and your lovely wife Sue and I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone. I am truly grateful. Thank you so much. 

Best regards

Tess Bignell


Dear John

I am writing to you today to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my beautiful saddle that you designed and built for Max and me for Cowboy Dressage.
You have gone above and beyond in assisting and supporting me on this saddle building journey. I am sure that my incessant questions must have driven you nuts on occasion, although you never showed it.
You are a true gentleman indeed! Your service and kindness are like no other and you even managed to put me at ease and that says a lot considering my past experiences.

My new saddle is a beautiful work of art, showcasing that it was made with much love and care. I am the very proud owner and will cherish it forever.
I am looking forward to riding proudly in this over the years to come.

Kindest Regards



My Qasima Wade by John Allington. John was so helpful and patient working with me to create this work of art.
Built to fit my gorgeous Diamond Cut Lucky Player, the Qasima takes us easily from cowboy challenges to team penning to western performance to the roping pen and beyond.
Qasima means ‘An Everlasting Bond’. Exactly what LuckyToo and I will have as I high in this beautiful saddle.
Thanks John,
I couldn’t recommend you highly enough.


Dear John,
I want to THANK YOU very much for making my DREAM SADDLE!
I have had a lot of issues with saddles over the years,  I ride Friesian Horses and have saddles custom made for them only to find that
they did not fit my horse well at all.
Well, after numerous discussions, (Lucky you are such a good listener!), you came up with solutions to my fitting problems and made the most beautiful
saddle, that fits my horses.
You went above and beyond to make me such an amazing looking saddle and matching breast collar and bridle, but best of all is the difference in my horses.  
No more sore backs, they can stretch long and low, and move their shoulder….WOW ….what a difference your saddle has made for them.
For me….I love riding in it, sits me in a great position, and it is very comfortable and surprisingly lighter than it looks.
Thank you so much John, the saddle making process for me was lots of fun, and I am so fortunate to own a John Allington Saddle.
I would also like to mention that John Allington is one of life’s gentleman, he was lovely to talk with in regards to making my saddle and nothing was too much trouble for him.

Sharon Morell
Gramayre Friesian Horse Stud


Hi John,

Just a quick note to let you know I am enjoying the saddle.  The horses and I are getting our communication sorted as it's a little different for them too.  But the saddle puts me in a nicely balance position which is great.

I had a win and some placings on the weekend in a western dressage comp at Caboolture and we plan go to Maryborough for the state championships at the end of September.

I'm very glad you made the saddle so light as I had 6 gear changes on Saturday as I took two horses who were in the same classes.  

Thanks again for doing such a nice job and getting it to me so quickly.  I wouldn't have had the chance to ride the qualifiers for the state champs otherwise.




Hi John
I cannot express how happy I am with my new John Allington Western Saddle.
I have never ridden in a saddle that has put me in the correct riding position before and it is amazing and comfortable to ride in.
Friends and my instructors have commented on how much better my riding has become instantly with this saddle.
I love the silver concho's and engraved stirrups. A very classy looking saddle with a little bit of bling.
Thank you for making the whole process of choosing the type of saddle and extras hassle free and fun. 
I will certainly be recommending you and your saddles to anyone looking for a high quality product made by a true professional saddle maker.
Thanks John from Annie and Tonka.


Hello John

'To anyone in the market for a western saddle, you can't go past John Allington's saddles! I stumbled across his website and was instantly smitten, I knew I had to have one!
The customer service is amazing, John made it very easy from start to finish, even when I was very indecisive he was very patient and helpful.
When my saddle arrived I couldn't believe it, it was so beautiful!
The craftsmanship and quality was superb and even though I opted for no extra silver or carvings, it still outshines any other saddle I've ever seen, it is honestly beautiful.
 It fits my horse wonderfully, allowing him plenty of shoulder room and not restricting his movement, and it's so comfortable to ride in!
As the proud owner of the Adoette wade, I could not recommend John and his saddles more highly!'

Thankyou again for everything, I can't stress enough how much I adore my new saddle, thank you so much!


Hi John

The saddle arrived safe and unmarked and I was speechless, it was all I imagined and more, you have done a fantastic job!

Today I was finally able to take it for its maiden voyage and I am in love! Fits the horse well and it is like a lounge chair to ride in!
I am so excited for what is to come once it wears in!

Thank you so much for your excellent handiwork! You made the whole process so easy from start to finish!

You have one happy customer whom will have no doubts about referring you work forward!

NIcole Bennett


Hi John,

I hope you are well.

I wanted to touch base with you to let you know Sheree and I are very happy with our Twin Cutter saddles. They are perfect and our horses are a lot more relaxed. Indy, who I'd had the issues with and what initiated the purchase of one of your custom saddles, is a changed horse.
I feel great in the saddle too. Perfect fit from the start.

Thank you for all the months spent talking and planning with me. It is appreciated and the saddle is more than I could have hoped for.

Thanks again.



Hi John, Hope this email finds you well.
5 yrs ago you made a saddle for me, I would just like to say that I ride everyday and sometimes for many hours, this saddle just gets better and better all the time and there is nothing that disappoints me about it in any way.
I just want to to say thanks again, You are a true Master Saddle Maker.
Cheers Julie Pridmore,
Picola Victoria


John has just finished making my Lady Butterfly Wade saddle which I will be using for Western Dressage. I am blown away by the quality and workmanship of this saddle. I wanted a fairly plain but sophisticated looking saddle and John has managed to do this beautifully. In my dealings with John I found him to be extremely knowledgeable. I learn t more from John about saddles in the very short time he took to build my saddle than I had in the previous 40 odd years of owning them. He was also extremely helpful in guiding me to get the weight I was after. I needed my saddle to be light and John had all the ideas and suggestions to make it as light as possible. It is also extremely comfortable to ride in and fits my horse perfectly.

John is one of life's true gentlemen and was an absolute pleasure to do business with. I am looking forward to many years of comfortable and pleasurable riding in my new saddle.

Thank you John!

Marg Connolly


John has just built my new Wade Saddle – The Diende Wade.  The whole process from conception, to creation, to completion was an enormously rewarding and enjoyable experience.  John works with you and shares his vast experience and deep knowledge so freely, making decisions such as shape, colour, fittings, carving and materials etc very much a consultative experience, and you have full confidence that the finished saddle will be built exactly how you want it.  John has the ability to transform your thoughts into reality, and there is never a time that you will ever feel that you’re settling for anything less than exactly what you want.
My Diende Wade is a stunning saddle – the extra touches, like the custom carving (which is pure art), careful selection of silver and fittings, makes the saddle aesthetically beautiful as well as absolutely functional.  John’s saddles are built for work though, not just to be pretty.  My Wade rides like a dressage saddle, with close contact and feel.  It looks like a whole lot of saddle, and IS a whole lot of saddle, but you nestle into the seat and into your horse, safe and secure without losing feel.  From the first ride, my horse rode out long and low, soft and comfortable.
Thank you John, my saddle is everything I hoped it would be and more besides.  Thank you for fitting the tree – my horse has been a challenge to fit but you’ve got the fit just right.  Thank you for your patience, your advice and guidance and for your attention to detail.  I would, and will be, recommending you and your saddles to anyone looking for a quality saddle.

Deb Foale, Maryborough Qld


Good morning John,
  I received my saddle. WOW it's absolutely beautiful and lovely to ride in, of course I wouldn't expect anything less from the master of saddle making.
 Thanks again for another great saddle and being a pleasure to do deal with.
Paula Logan

Dear John

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful, one of a kind saddle for me and my filly.
The craftsmanship in this saddle is truly amazing, not a stitch out of place, and those thoughtful extra touches really put it in a different league.
You can tell when someone loves what they do by the quality of their work.
It's obvious you take great pride in what you do and I couldn't be happier with the end result.
My saddle, The Eibhlin in allrounders

Eileen Dover,

Dear John, 
Thank you for making me the most beautiful saddle. When you sent me the finished photo 
I was emotional to say the least. It was a big decision for me to have a custom made 
Wade saddle. I rode in one of your saddles the "Nektosha" a few years ago and I knew 
that you were the saddler I was going to ask to make mine. 
I came across a few hurdles when deciding exactly what tooling I wanted and what extras 
I wanted fitted on my saddle. But with your knowledge and your patience we got there in 
the end. 
I had my first ride in my Wade today and I am amazed at how much more I can feel my 
horse underneath me. 
I chased some cows, I rode some flat work and I went for a 2 hour trail ride. My saddle 
fits me like a glove, I was not sore and it sits very well on my QH. What I am most 
looking forward to is the next Western Dressage competition riding in my new "Yanesha" 
saddle. Thank you for being honest and approachable when I couldn't make up my mind a 
few times during the making. Also, thank you for welcoming me to your home when I came 
to visit, and when I picked up my saddle. I felt like an old friend. I will be 
recommending your outstanding saddlery skills to anyone who will listen. 
Stay well. Thank you. 
Mel from Stanthorpe QLD. 

Dear John

I cannot thank you enough for this amazing saddle that you have made for me, when it arrived after a much anticipated wait I was over the moon and then to ride in it for the first time was amazing.
The craftsmanship is second to none and I always get complements on the how beautiful it looks everywhere we go, the biggest plus for me is how is fits my horse, I have had trouble getting a saddle to fit him correctly and this fits like nothing else ever has.
It is more than I could ever have asked for and the proof is in the pudding, my horse is so happy and you can see it when we ride.

Thank you again for this amazing saddle and I will be passing it down for generations to come and will be a beautiful family heirloom.

Melinda Windle.

Hi All,
Over a year ago I was at my farriers place and I saw an amazing saddle. He told me that John Allington had made it and as I was looking for a quality custom made saddle I asked for his details.
 Well just over a year later I brought this baby home today. The first time I met John I took my horse Spider out there so he could fit both my horse and myself.
I was so impressed with John from that day I had the utmost respect and confidence that he would make me a saddle that would last a lifetime. I also got a beautiful bit-less lightness bridle. free.
During the making of the saddle I spoke with John and went to his place several times to ensure I was getting exactly what I wanted, No real need, John had it all under control.
 Trust me this photo does not do this saddle justice.
I am sitting next to her right now and I just can't wait to put her on Spider and have a ride. Wolves "n" Wings.

Tracey Hanna

Hi John
I have been looking for a saddle for my Australian Stock Horse for awhile, and after seeing your website I decided to give you a call.
Well was I a lucky girl, even when I gave you an impossible time frame to make it in, you said yes. I was not too sure what I wanted,
but after your suggestion that I look at the saddles on your site and choose a style I liked, I chose the Wade tree. What a good choice,
and luckily for me, John had a tree the right size in stock. Then of course I have to plan what it would look like, i.e. bling and carvings.
John was a very great help and suggested the silver with cutaway skirt, and it looks like a million dollars. I too  it to a Sandi Simons clinic,
Sandi rode in it, and was most impressed. So John if you get a phone call from Sandi, blame me. It fits me and the horse perfectly, and I
look forward to many happy hours of riding. I do Western Dressage so it will look outstanding in the ring. Many, many thanks John, for
my gorgeous saddle, and may you continue to provide us with many more in the future. Thank you also John for being the person that you are
truly one of life's true gentlemen.

Pam - Perth WA

Dear John
I am writing to let you know how thrilled I am with my saddle. I will never forget my first look at my finished saddle the 'Debrabella'. The quality of workmanship and the beauty of the tooling produced a saddle that I will treasure always. I had gone through 3 secondhand saddle which none fitted my horse very well. It is a bit like cheating though as the saddle seats you in the correct position. It took me a little while to get used to that as my old saddle tended to tilt me forward.  It has been the best investment I ever made for my horse and me, I wish I had done it sooner. Your help with  planning the saddle's tooling and silver was invaluable. You very cleverly knew what I wanted and made it come to life.  I never thought I would ever have such a beautiful and so very comfortable saddle. My daughter said 'it is too pretty to ride in as it is a work of art'. I agree it is the best work of art I have ever had and so useful. Not to mention you made me feel like a friend when I visited you.
Thank you for everything.

Hi John

I'm writing in regards to the new saddle I recently purchased off John Allington.  I had been having loads of trouble finding a well fitting western saddle for my QH x gelding.  After buying a handful of 2nd hand saddles and spending too much money and just having nothing sit on him nicely/correctly and comfortably.  I began researching into custom saddles.  I had heard a few good comments about John's work through friends of friends and found his website on the internet.  I looked at them a thousand times and couldn't stop thinking about Johns work and his saddles!  In the end after about 2 months of debating I rang John and I was so relieved after the first call!!  He knew everything that I wanted and more.  He had brilliant ideas and suggestions that I didn't even know you could get!!  He was overly patient with me and my in decisive decisions!!  I went ahead and made the order and said to John  I really couldn't be with out a saddle for too long as I had a short list of little events a that i had wanted to attend. This was no problem.  Even in the middle of the order of the saddle John had his hip replaced and still managed to get the saddle done merely 2-3 weeks after his operation.. I'm so grateful to have met and dealt with John.  He is  a real talent and LOVES what he does, he takes pride in his work and ensures that you are happy all along the way!!  Honestly I cannot speak more highly of him.

My horse no longer pig roots when first being ridden into the canter and he has also been a lot more responsive under saddle!!  There seems to be no pain what so ever!!!!!!!!

Thanks John

Kind regards Natalie Klotz

Oh John I am just absolutely speechless. I have just finished unwrapping my saddle....
And again tears of excitement have just streamed down my cheeks!! This saddle I will
just cherish FOREVER u have made me so happy with doing such an amazing job of making
me my perfect saddle. And I love the breastplate and bridle too!!
 I will send you a picture of my boy with all his brand new gear on when I get it on
him :)
Thanks again John you are AMAZING at what u do!!


Hi John

First let me thank you for producing such a wonderful piece of equipment in
what must have been difficult conditions to say the least and on top of that
you produced it on schedule. The quality of the leather is outstanding as is
the workmanship. The 'Old Timer 'is everything I hoped it would be , the seat
is perfect, it subtly forces you to maintain a true vertical position, in
fact it took me a few rides to get used to it , now you wouldn't find me on
anything else. It fits the horse it was designed for beautifully and she is
already a lot more "forward " than she has been in the past, easy, relaxed
and learning. I guess the same thing could be said of the rider. Thanks
again John. You are definitely the right man in the right job. Look forward
to staying in touch. If you have any inquiries from down my way I would be
more than happy for them to have a look at this saddle .  Feel free to give
them my number.
Hope to talk to you soon.
Russ Jackson
Launceston Tasmania


Hi John,
Just a short note to say thank you very much for my new saddle.
I have been riding in it for about a month now and without a doubt it is
the best fitting and the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in.
The difference it has made to my contact with my horse has made a great
improvement in our relationship at both work and play.
The saddle “ RUFF AND TUFF “
Thanks again
Cooktown  North Queensland.


Recently I had the pleasure of taking possession of my new "WADE saddle - THE MUSTANG from Beechmont Saddler John Allington.
For me I never thought that I would buy a custom made saddle mainly due to the purchase price but after meeting John through Natural Horsemanship we started talking about saddles as my balance is not what it used to be due to vertigo.
The whole experience of the design and payment plan offered by John made it possible for me.
Over the six months build I got to know John Allington the man, and saddler. His honesty and attention to detail and craftsmanship is verging on art and is truly something to experience in this day and age, especially his friendly approach and honesty.
Upon delivery date (as discussed some 6 months prior) the finished saddle was truly something to see. The carving, the cut and the stitching lines are beyond reproach.
The real proof is in the riding which has proven to be extremely comfortable, but for me the main issue is security due to bad balance, this was addressed through the correct riding position of the Wade saddle and the added support of the bucking rolls.
For anyone interested in a custom saddle look at his website www.westernsaddles.com.au and then talk to the man John Allington, you won't be disappointed with the experience.
Once again thanks John and Sue for my once in a lifetime experience . I am now the proud owner of a Mustang Wade
Mike Corcoran


Hi John,
just wanted to send you a quick note about the saddle you made me beautifully- the original Kristie's buckaroo.You made both my husband and I saddles, must be a few years now, and I just wanted to say thanks for such a great saddle. I have enjoyed many hours riding in my saddle and it still looks and feels great and I get comments from others about how much they like it also. We put you through a lot of trial, trying to get the saddle right for my little Arab, and I just wanted to tell you your efforts were worth it.We love our saddles, our horses do too...thanks.
From Kristie Smith


Hi John,
I've finally got around to getting some photo's of me in the beautiful saddle you made. I just LOVE it. Your a very talented man, it fits both myself and Zac perfectly ( as you said it would).
Thanks again, for not only making me the perfect saddle, but for making the whole experience an enjoyable one, it was always a pleasure when talking to you. I never felt like a customer, felt
more like a friend.

Take care and may life be good to you and Sue,



Dear John
I have to tell you that I absolutely love my new saddle!!  I have only
started using it last month due to all the wet weather and I didn't want to
get it wet!!!  I know it is leather and ok to get wet however don't want it
to get old and damaged looking.

I have been using it on my Arab mare  more than my Fjord gelding.  It fits
her beautifully and for the first time since I have owned her she is forward
moving - soooooo forward moving it is unbelievable.  She has gone from a
horse that has to constantly be asked to move, always having her ears back
and cranky to a horse that is looking to go at any ask with ears up and
expression happy.  The change is absolutely amazing.  I have to do some
gallop and flying change work with her, until now it was only a dream
however now with this new saddle a reality.  I haven't ridden my Fjord horse
much because I am enjoying my Arab mare more than ever.  She has the most
amazing "power steering"  so we are having a lot of fun together.

I hope this email find you well.

Thanks again for an awesome saddle.



Hi John

Well what can I say, a very very BIG THANK YOU to you for making me such a beautiful saddle, bridle and breastplate.

I looked around and emailed and browsed a number of different saddle makers before I chose John.  Some who did not even reply back..  John on the other hand replied to all emails straight away and seemed like a real honest down to earth person.

This was the first time I have done anything like this and like so many others was a little anxious of getting a saddle made and making sure it was what I wanted and to fit my horse and the cost involved.

I told John what I was going to use it for and what I would like and while we both sat on either end of the phone and browsed his webpage together and discussed things he then pointed me in the direction of the SANDALWOOD ROSE!  I was taken straight away and the decision was pretty much made there and then for that to be my new saddle.

John took the time and went through everything with me,  size, colours, silver you name it, everything. I really enjoyed talking with him as he is such a really nice helpful guy.

He kept me updated on the progress of the saddle and was a real help.

I then went and picked up my new pride and joy and was absolutely thrilled with it!!!!! not to mention meeting John in person. It was a pleasure. And as far as the saddle goes it’s so comfy and looks great and fits well.  (My boy is the best dressed kid in the street) thanks John!

I would like to thank John again for the time he took, courtesy phone calls and emails to let me know where he was at throughout the process.

He’s such a lovely guy & very talented man I would not hesitate in going back to get a saddle or any leather work done by him, if you are looking for a saddle and still umming and arghing over who to choose and where to go, please consider John as you WON’T be disappointed he truly is a great bloke and his craftsmanship is second to none and he will help u anyway he can. I feel I have made a friend with John not just someone who’s made me a saddle and then forgotten about you.

John, thank you again for such great saddle & the conversations we’ve had, I look forward to catching up again soon and trying to get to some of your clinics with Jasper in the near future


All the best

Kim and Jasper




Let me start with a couple of facts. I am an ex Jockey of 18 years who had not ridden a horse in 9 years and decided when my partner and I left the mining town we were living in and purchased 7 acres in Gidgegannup, WA, it was about time I got back into doing what I love, having a horse again. After watching many video’s I was convinced Western was what I wanted to learn. After hanging on for dear life on a Thoroughbred I was so impressed that Western riding was about, using legs, not pulling desperately on reins trying to stop a 600kg horse that most of the time didn’t know anything else but to run. After purchasing a cheap western saddle and a half breed I started to get serious about buying a good Western saddle. Well one day at work I found on the net a man called John Allington who made to order Western saddles in Queensland. Our first phone call I assumed would be quick and over in a few minutes so I didn’t get anyone to cover my job as a Pit Controller, bad move. I’m not sure if John knew I had no idea what I wanted, but he never gave me any indication of that and was the most helpful, knowledgeable man I have ever not met and since this first time we speak often when I need advice on anything related to my journey of getting back into horses and particularly Western. I guess the best way to explain John for me is to say, after we had spoken initially I felt comfortable immediately. After many discussions John made me the most beautiful Western saddle called the Gidgegan Rose. You can certainly see the hours that were put into this saddle and the workmanship is second to none.

Anyone wanting a saddle made I thoroughly recommend have a chat with John, once you’ve spoken to him your decision will be easy.



Lisa Harris



Hi John
I would just like to say “thank you, for my wonderful saddle”!
The service you provide when deciding what sort of saddle & size would be best suited to me,  you listened to what & how I ride, also what I want to do & made the choice so easy..!  Nothing was a problem, even answering some of my “silly” questions..!
Not long after getting my saddle we went on a week long trail ride, & tho I only rode for three days my 5yr olds back was perfect. What a way to “break in” a new saddle! There was one day where we got saturated, not happy, but the saddle looks as good as the day I unwrapped it.
Had lots of comments about my beautiful saddle, those people now know all about you & your great service...as they could see the quality of the saddle..!


Gidday John,
Just a quick note to say thanks and to provide some feedback on my experience on buying
a saddle from yourself.
I have purchased saddles from so called "custom saddlers" before, and as long as you
buy a saddle type that they make you can have any type you want. This is not the case
with Mr John Allington.
From the get go, John emphasizes that your custom saddle will be just that, a saddle
that you truly want made to the specifications that you exactly require.
My wade saddle is perfect, built to spec, on price, on time and with such quality and
workmanship that is almost lost in today's throw-away society.
But the icing on the cake is John, he is a true gentleman in every way. His integrity
and honesty is above reproach and he is never too busy just to have a chat or to
discuss any ideas you might have or last minute changes, I am a lifelong convert to
Allington saddles, this won't be the last I buy, and I hope in John I have found a mate
who one day I can share a quiet one with after a long day riding in my magnificent
Kind Regards
David Applegate


I am a Kiwi now living in Australia, who has spent the last 18 years following my kids around the pony club & show jumping circuit. I recently decided it was time to get back to doing a bit of riding again, so I  started surfing the web to find the best possible saddle I could find. I came across John's website & immediately decided that I wanted one of these one-off masterpieces. I made enquiries & before I knew it I had one ordered. Then over the next few weeks we managed to design what was to be the perfect saddle for me. It had to have the "kiwi" touch, so the carving had to be just a little bit different. John's attention to detail & the effort he put into making it "just right" for me was outstanding. I couldn't have asked for a better saddler & a more honest person to deal with. Every phone call was an experience in itself & when the saddle arrived at my door in perfect condition & lovingly wrapped I was over the moon. I can't believe there has been no "breaking in" issues with this saddle, it is simply gorgeous, extremely comfortable,  I couldn't be more happier with it. Thank you so much John, you have been a total gentleman to deal with. I couldn't recommend you highly enough to anybody wanting to purchase a saddle like my "Kiwi Rose".
Kindest regards my friend.
Deb Ryburn


When it came to looking for a suitable saddle to meet my requirements for Western pleasure, Trail, Reining, Cutting and Show I started looking around as to what was available. The problem was everything I saw was not what I had in mind. When I found the Western Saddler website and called John Allington as to potentially customizing a design to meet my needs he was most obliging. After establishing the design John started on not just the saddle but the show halter, br
I searched pretty much everywhere for a western pleasure saddle that suited Henry and myself, and that had all the features I was after. I could see when I found John Allington's website that his saddles were just what I was looking for. John's reply to my email confirmed my choice, as he was so helpful and easy to talk to. He managed to interpret the image I had in my mind, combining the features of the Rosie Association and the Ellie Rose, and build a saddle that is exactly what I imagined. The result is beautiful, so well put-together and with amazing attention to detail. Obviously a saddle that is built to last, but also to look fantastic at the same time. It is easy to sit in the correct position, and the cut-away skirts give a brilliant feel when riding. With the pre-turned stirrups, there is no new-saddle discomfort to cope with - everything is ready to go. Both Henry and I have never found another saddle so comfortable.
Thanks John, for your beautiful product, billiant prompt service, and for being so understanding and pleasant to deal with.

Kathryn Rogers   
Western Australia


When it came to looking for a suitable saddle to meet my requirements for Western pleasure, Trail, Reining, Cutting and Show I started looking around as to what was available. The problem was everything I saw was not what I had in mind. When I found the Western Saddler website and called John Allington as to potentially customizing a design to meet my needs he was most obliging. After establishing the design John started on not just the saddle but the show halter, bridle, breast plate, rear cinch and saddle bags. The end result was very pleasing with the colour, engraving and silver work exhibiting quality which continues to receive many admiring enquiries. The saddle fits my beautiful buckskin quarter horse Shiloh to perfection, providing both him and I with comfort. Even after the sale John continues to provide assistance with, minor adjustments to saddle and tack to ensure long lasting well fitting products and valuable training advice. I cannot thank John enough for the support and assistance he continues to provide, it has been and continues to be a real pleasure and I have made a new friend.

Deb Worth

Western Australia provide, it has been and continues to be a real pleasure and I have made a new friend.


Hi John,
Received my saddle today.  Thank you very much.
Once again you have completed a masterpiece.
As you know the length was the important factor with this saddle and it looks perfect.  Can’t wait to try it on Lady,  it should fit her perfectly and will look stunning.
Just to top the whole picture off, I would like to order a matching breastplate for this saddle.  Maybe just a rose carving on each side and a few leaves would suffice.
John, once again, thank you very much.  It’s great knowing that Lady is going to have a great fitting saddle and it’s also comfy for me.
Catch up soon.
Regards Jan


Hi John;
What more can I say, my saddle is absolutely beautiful, even nicer that the photo.  The leather is a beautiful color, very fine quality, and will no doubt gain even more character as it ages.
 I’m delighted with the tiny details as well like the little horseshoe buckles, and star conchos. This saddle will be going strong long after I have gone.
I’ve honored it with a new saddle pad.
I really hate to have it hanging up in my shed; it’s really a work of art.
Ms Fire has taken to the lightness bridle as though she’s been wearing it her entire life.  She’s very “light” to respond to the slightest touches.
She is now the best dressed girl in the neighborhood.
Thank you for your patience and answering all my dumb questions.  It has been well worth the wait.
Wonder how long now before my husband wants one?
Thanks again
Eva Rymer


Hi John,
Wow ! what a great surprise I got when I picked up my new saddle from Australia post and on opening it all was revealed, craftsmanship at its best. My saddle is just beautiful and absolutely comfortable to ride in, and it has exceeded my expectations and more.
John you are really wonderful gentleman to deal with and just so helpful as to making sure I was happy with the design and attention to detail.
I had looked at many saddles before I accidentally came across your website John, so as the saying goes, things happen for a reason.
I could not be any happier with the saddle that you personally made for me, and i will be forever grateful. You are very gifted and love what you do.
I would without a doubt recommend anyone wanting to have a saddle made to contact you.
John Allington.      A lovely friend forever.
Take care,
Selina. Qld


Dear John,

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for you.  Your
work is incredible.  Throughout our many phone and email conversations
when I was ordering our saddles, trying to come up with just the right
design and colours along with the right seat for myself and our horses
and my riding husband, you were so patient and helpful.  Your willingness
to go along with all our suggestions and your answers to all our
questions were so very much appreciated. 
As far as organizing our payments you couldn't have been better, and I thank you so much for your
patience with me organizing a wedding and unexpected expenses in
allowing me to pay the saddles off more slowly than we planned
originally and putting off your planned build dates. 
I don't believe there is anything more you could have done to accommodate us.  You
really were wonderful.  Brad and I both greatly appreciated your
suggestions, insight and ideas for our beautiful saddles as this was a
venture neither of us had ever undertaken before.  The time you took out
of your busy schedule to come and check that the saddles we liked would
fit the horses greatly eased my mind as I was so unsure with my horse
having such a high wither.  It was very generous of you.  When the day
finally came and we were able to come and pick up our saddles we were
honestly almost speechless.  They were and still are absolutely stunning
works of art!  To start with we felt bad putting them on the horses with
the prospect of dirt and dust getting on them.  (We still keep them in
the house!)  However, that first step up into them and that first ride
was definitely worth it!  They are the most comfortable saddles we've
ever sat and ridden in.  Thank you for the gift of your incredible
craftsmanship, it is one of a kind and your on going friendship and
concern is something we both treasure.  We look forward to many years of
happy riding in our lovely saddles and continued friendship with you.
Thank you for our beautiful saddles, bridles and breastplates.  They
really were the best wedding present we could have given ourselves.
Sherelle  and Brad Rossow
Stanthorpe Qld


For some years now I have wanted a saddle for myself.  Not just any saddle, it had to be MY saddle.  At about the same time I discovered Western Pleasure Riding and natural Horsemanship.  I knew then that what I wanted was a western saddle.  Of course not just any western saddle, it had to be THE one.  I had been riding for almost 30 years at that stage and ridden in only all purpose or dressage saddles, so this change was a big one for me.
For months and months I did a lot of research to find MY saddle.  One day I happened across a web page for "The Western Saddler".  That is where my search stopped.  I sat and sat and drooled over these saddles.  My dilemma was only beginning as I had to CHOOSE which one of these lovely saddles was going to be MY saddle.
I wrote to the company and came into contact with the one and only John Allington.  What an amazing experience for me, and how fortunate I am to have been able to be in contact with someone who is passionate about the right saddle for each person and of course the most important ingredient here, the horse.
John talked me through so much and we had many many emails.  But you see, I had a another problem.  I have a serious injury to my lower back and finding the right saddle that I could sit in for any period of time was indeed very difficult.  I just can not give up my horse, so my back has to bear it, but of course I need to be practical and so when I made my choice it was with this criteria that I selected a Wade, and finally, the Crow Wade.
John had a deadline to make my saddle for me, and he did not dissapoint.  When my saddle came I was over the moon, I was so happy, I had MY saddle.
I took my lovely new saddle out to my beautiful paint gelding and asked him what he thought...well I have a picture of that and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words I will include it here.....
I rode in this saddle and it felt that is was molded just for me.  I know it will take a few months before it will really mold to both horse and rider, but the instant I sat in it, I was home.
John, a simple thank you will never be enough for what  you have done for me and my future riding comfort, as well as that of my horse.  I am so very lucky that I found you and I tell everyone I see who admires my saddle where it came from.  I will always treasure this saddle and my new friend John Allington.
 Jo Grill Western Australia.


Hi John,
Time is crazy sometimes isn't it!!?
If you are looking to get decked out in some of the most lovely western gear, look no further!! The first night my brand new western saddle arrived from John, it sat like a mahogany trophy in my bedroom and I'm sure the smile stayed on my face all night.
My saddle was the first western saddle I had ever bought and so I needed all the help and advice I could get. John was just the man to go to for that. I could not find a saddle to soundly fit my quarter horse and so my biggest worry was finding a saddle, particularly ordering one over the Internet,  to fit her. However John's experience and patience made me confident that the chosen tree and style was the right type to fit my horse and myself alike.
Four months on, and every ride in my great saddle is a joy. It looks so beautiful with all the lovely rose carving and silver, and is so comfy you could ride for hours. The best part is that my horse is comfortable enough to give me her all so we can perform to the best of our ability. John's lovely bridle-wares also compliment the picture perfectly. So I want to thank John for his old-fashioned helpful service and for creating for me a saddle that I will be proud to ride in for the rest of my riding days!

Take Care, Elli  Barrett
Bunbury Western Australia


Just wanted to say a huge thank-you to John for his beautiful work on my  saddle the 'Brul'e Rose'.  I am a person who spends many hours trail riding, and both me and my horse need a comfortable saddle, and one  that stays in place on steep terrain, and this saddle does that.  It is also a very  'pretty' saddle with beautiful carving and silver,  the workmanship second to none and done by a complete perfectionist.  Probably the best thing about this saddle experience was that I met a man who was a very patient, caring and understanding person - a total delight to converse with, and a total gentleman.  I will hopefully stay in contact with you John well into the future.  
Thank-you John for a beautiful saddle, bridle and matching breastplate, when Poco and I go out - we feel very 'special'.

Rosy Carter Toowoomba Qld

I have taken delivery of my second saddle from John. I thought you couldn't
get much better than my first saddle but this one is far superior!

 My first ride was soooo comfy with great leg position and when I hopped off
no sore back!!!
The colour and look of this saddle has that WOW factor!
Thank you John for a brilliant product!
Annie Butler
Sydney NSW

 It was with great anticipation that I awaited the arrival of my new saddle, now at age 41 this was to be the first brand new saddle that I had purchased, my saddle arrived and once unpacked I could not wipe the smile off my face while admiring it , all that was left to do now was to wait for day break so I could try it out.
My saddle did not disappoint, I have now ridden all of my 3 riding horses in it and found it to fit all of them, I like that it is light weight and extremely comfortable to ride in, also like the position it seats me in.  John is a true craftsman and I will treasure my saddle for the rest of my riding days.


Hi John
My saddle "The Kasihta Wade" arrived this morning.  You are right, it does look even better in the flesh.
Thank you so very much.
We have a fibreglass saddle stand at the shop here and I have already had many a sit on the saddle in between serving customers.
Feels like an arm chair.  Can’t wait to get out and use it.
My buckskin is being bought back in in mid January for further education after being spelled for awhile so it won’t be long now until I get out on this beautiful saddle.  It will look superb on him.
What do you use to clean/condition the leather?   I would like to continue the same process to keep this masterpiece in perfect condition.
John, thank you once again, you have done a wonderful job.  I can’t believe it’s mine.
Regards Jan
Yinnar Victoria


Dear John

I have had a ridiculously busy couple of months and am finally getting round to showing my appreciation for the “Foxrose I”

When I first made that call to you enquiring about one of your saddles I had no idea at all and fully expected to be laughed at.  God knows it must have been painful dealing with me, I was getting back into horses after many years off and had decided to go western – even tho’ I had not actually met anyone who owned a western saddle - but as I had competed and judged Dressage for many years, the fit and quality of my saddle was extremely important and even more so as I am vertically challenged & not naturally talented – so anything that was not quite right would have been the difference between me getting on the horse everyday or making excuses and totally giving up. All I could tell you is that it had to sit me in a position that was not foreign to me and I had to be able to lift it – and it had to be fabulous. Everyone who sees it is just lost for words – it is truly magnificent and as far as putting me in the right position to ride the western disciplines – I have not had any problems getting the horse to manoeuvre as she should – it is absolutely spot on in every respect. This is even more amazing as you did this from phone calls and a couple of pics of the horse.

The respect and understanding was unequalled in any deal I have ever made and for that I thank you.  My husband, Clint, looked over my shoulder while I studied the different leather colours and we consulted on how much silver etc.  When the saddle arrived he was more excited than me (which is saying something).  He was there each time I rode in it and was so happy I was finally back in the saddle. 

Now that I am widowed with 3 kids under 6 and 2000 acres of dirt and 500 stud sheep – my saddle stands at  the back door being the magnificent and timeless ‘voice’ from my husband to juggle things around and have my ‘stress release’ and ‘me’ time and do what it takes to keep happy now that he’s gone.

Thanks so much for the comfort and support you gave me during the past 12 months.  I rang a saddler, got the most perfect saddle and gained a wonderful friend.

Love and cheers
Cecily Dunn, Tumby Bay.  SA


Hi John,
Just writing to let you know I recieved my saddle, breastplate and bridle today.  I got the card in the mail and went straight to the post office after saying to my sister how perfect is today, bright and sunny and my saddle arrives with no kids to look after, Im going riding.  I was really excited to see the real thing after you sent me the picture last week and after you naming it The Chilliwack and putting the photo on your web site I have been showing everyone who cares to look at the picture, all of who cannot wait to see the saddle.  Its great timing as well we have our first Monell Horsemanship Center clinic next weekend and I will be using the new gear, my horse will look the part to, he is going to be the demo horse so everyone will get a look at his smart new gear.  I have had a ride in it and I have to say it is the most comfortable ride I have ever had in a saddle that is not broken in yet and Im sure as it wears it will get even more comfortable.  I love love love the Lilly carving on the saddle I think it really makes it look fantastic and the matching carving on the breastplate tops off the whole look.  There is no adjusting anywhere on the saddle either, you have made the stirrup length perfect and I didnt need to change anything at all, a few extra holes in the breasplate for a perfect fit is all that is needed.  Im looking forward to years of riding and hours of comfort in my new saddle. It has pride of place in my tack room (its in the lounge right now because I love looking at it) I will have to put it away tomorow when the children arrive though.  Spud and I thankyou for all your help, your time, your beautiful work and effort in making the perfect saddle for both of us. Your work is truly amazing and the beautiful carving is my favourite piece of the saddle. I will be happy to recommend your work to anyone.
Cheers Kylie


Dear John
I am just writing to let you know how happy I am with the "Arapaho Wade"
I must admit I was hesitant at the start spending so much money on a saddle and purchasing over the phone but your professional and knowledge made it easy for me to make the right decision.
I thank you for your honesty and help in choosing the different components of my saddle, because without that it wouldn't be the perfect saddle it is.
I love my saddle because it fits me and my horses love it as well because they finally have a saddle that fits them also.
Every inch of the saddle is made with quality craftsmanship and I get so many comments at every outing at how nice my saddle is and I am sure it will only get better with age.
All the best to you John
Natasha O'Brien
Kyancutta SA


Dear John,
How can I thank you enough?  From our very first phone conversation you made me feel at ease with ordering my new saddle over the phone.  Being very new to western riding and this being my first western saddle, you explained everything in great detail to make sure I understood exactly what I would be getting.  From our many conversations I knew my new saddle would be exactly what I pictured and John it was this and much more.  When you sent me the photo I was in awe, you said it would look so much better in real life but I was extremely happy with how it looked on paper. When it arrived and I opened the box you were right, it was just beautiful.  When I rang to tell you how happy I was, I said the “Golden Lily” had taken pride of place in the lounge room.  From the first ride I felt so comfortable and we haven’t looked back since.  I have attended several clinics where we rode all day and I could have kept riding.  I love the design, the colour, the silver work and the fantastic hand carved lilies.
I cannot recommend you highly enough John, you are never too busy to answer many many questions and I appreciate all your advice. I am the happiest lady in Melbourne and really looking forward to the show season in my new saddle. Thanks for my “Golden Lily”, your attention to detail is superb.
Best Wishes,
Sharyn Kennedy


Dear John,
As a beginner rider and very new to this industry, it was very pleasing to find such an honest and easy going person.  You talked to me for quite sometime to find out what I was going to be doing with my horse and in what direction I would like to go with my riding.  You took the time to come out and see my horse and worked out what tree was best suited to my baby and me.
From the first moment I sat in one of your saddle I fell in love, this was the most comfortable chair I had ever sat in. It’s been a couple years since you made that first saddle (which I still own, love and use daily) and now I’m purchasing my second one…and I can’t wait.
I wish to thank you for all your time, effort and patience.
Vicki McNamara


Dear John,

I remember the first time I went into your website I got Goosebumps, 

Your work was so beautiful.

It was pretty scary ordering a saddle over the phone and internet.
You were so helpful and made me feel very comfortable.
And everything was spot on from the start to the end.
Thankyou so much for making me a beautiful saddle!  Your craftsmanship and
attention to detail is quiet incredible. I'm very pleased with it and can't
wait to show it off.
Thanks for great service and advise and your friendship.

From one very happy customer.

Tracy Patterson

h & breastplate. Kr

Dear John,
It is certainly refreshing to be able to purchase an expensive item over the phone/internet and have it arrive in good time and in perfect condition.
It has been a pleasure doing business with you and the saddle looks great. I will send photo when I get a chance to do so.
I have only ridden in the saddle for a short while and it is a perfect fit for the smaller horse. The saddle is still a little tight behind the shoulders (where the skirt begins beneath the swell) on the big horse. It is the best fit so far however and I know it will soften and become more allowing over the next few rides. I will keep in touch.
Your name is on the saddle for those who want the same! I know the ex national reining champion, Ian Bruce will be interested in a local saddle maker who can produce a saddle of better quality than circle Y.



Dear John, - Thank you, you delivered every thing you promised!

My sincerest apology in my delay in writing to you, and all the folks out there who may be reading this and are considering purchasing a saddle from you.

I first came across John Allington Saddles via the Internet, and whilst I was currently riding in a stock saddle, a western saddle was always my dream, and my ideal saddle

Follow your heart and trust your inner feelings, I did, and was not disappointed.

First I guess you need to understand that from my prospective this was saddle fitting for dummies 101.

I have had my first horse “Charm” a quarter cross appy for four years now and this has been a learning process for me. I can tell you is that my mare is extremely stocky and round and short backed as well. To find a saddle to fit her that would not end up in me riding side-saddle, leaning or hurting her, was impossible! (Or so I thought, but I was wrong).

At first I was nervous, as a friend had recently, had saddle made locally and fitted which ended in disaster, - I have had no experience and knew nothing of fitting saddles and was un sure after this friends experience and my lack of knowledge how I could possibly end up with the perfect fitting saddle, via the internet and telephone.

That’s right, - “THE PERFECT FITTING SADDLE”. Once you have begun speaking with this gentleman Mr John Allington,  you will understand the care and attention to detail to each individual person needs that I am talking about. Nothing is standardised, John will take all the pain and hard guess work out to provide a finished product to exacting standards, with good old fashioned courteous care and attention to detail based on years of experience which is evidently and apparently sadly lacking with in this industry.

All of my questions and concerns were welcomed and satisfied and John worked with me and my Charms needs to produce the perfect saddle for us both, which is practical, functional, extremely comfortable for both of us and looks fantastic!!!!!!-

 (Rosie Association- Please check it out as I am extremely proud of it!!!!!)


You owe it to yourself to at least consider speaking with Mr John Allington about your prospective new investment, Which face it folks – we are not just trying to do ourselves justice by investing in a piece of equipment which will not only look great, and last us a lifetime,-

With sincerest thanks and gratitude for all of your patience, hard work, care attention John, -You are a true gentleman true to his word and thanks to you, we can now look forward to many long comfortable rides together!! Happy Trails My friend!

Two very Happy and satisfied customers!

Janet Principe & Charm

Melbourne Victoria. (0414 976326)   


Hello John,
We would just like to thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into making our daughters first saddle , the Sharni Maree. It is just beautiful and the detail in the carving is amazing. The first time Sharni saw the saddle she said that it looked exactly how she had pictured it, and of course could not wait to have her first ride in it. My husband and daughter both ride in it and find this saddle extremely comfortable. We just can’t believe how well it fits the horse’s back, given that you only had a few photos and cardboard templates to go on. Everyone that has seen this saddle absolutely loves it just like we do, I think you will be getting a lot of phone calls in the future. After purchasing this saddle we know that our next one will also have to be a John Allinghton. Sharni would like to say thank you very much and she said to tell you that she adores her new saddle.
Thanking you
Donna & Mal Pearse


Hi John,

Just letting you know that I have received my lovely saddle and rode in it twice and love it, it is such a pleasure to ride in a saddle that does not hurt my back and it looks great on Jim. Someone else rode in it yesterday and could not get how comfortable it was. I have been telling everyone if they want a really good saddle to speak to you. I will be doing my first show on Tuesday after not showing for about eight years and will be using the saddle and bridle. I am sure it will bring me good luck. Once again I cannot thank you enough for the great saddle and keep up the excellent work.

Bye for now a very happy person Brenda.

Brenda Renison





Hello John

My daughter and I started our search for the “perfect” reining saddle over 10 months ago.  We searched our local Western Australian market extensively and couldn’t find a saddle with the quality of workmanship and leather we were hoping for, so our search extended to the internet.  We found your website and were very impressed with you knowledge and workmanship.  After a few initial emails we contacted you by telephone, described our quarter horse to you and our saddle requirements, and together we came up with a design.  Whilst we totally respect and appreciate that you never make two saddles the same, by searching your web pages we were able to give you ideas on what we liked and the shape we wanted our saddle to have.  Throughout this design stage you were incredibly patient and helpful, and at no time did we feel under any pressure.  Living on the other side of the country to you, I must say at times I felt a little nervous that maybe I hadn’t conveyed our desires to you properly and maybe our saddle would turn out differently to our expectations.  How wrong I was.

After six weeks of building our saddle, you sent us photos and we were thrilled with the result.  Our saddle arrived by post shortly after and it exceeded all our expectations.  Despite having seen the photographs, we were “blown away” by the quality of your workmanship and attention to detail.  Our saddle (which you have named Swan River) is a fabulous piece of work which is not only incredibly comfortable to ride in, but fits our horse like a glove, and even he is totally impressed!   Our saddle really stands out in the show ring, is a real eye catcher and we have had nothing but rave reviews from everyone.  A sincere thank you John from Alyce and I, we are thrilled with our “Swan River”.  Regards Bethany Pegus 


I wish to thank you for your wonderful saddle.  It is a great saddle to ride in and very comfortable for both myself and my horse. The care you took with the workmanship is second to none and to be able to explain to you what I wanted.  

That is what I got and is just first class.  I would recommend that anyone looking for a good  saddle to contact you    

Elaine Toy  

Hervey Bay 




Dear John,
I am writing to thank you for my saddle.  I have had my Quarter Horse X Arab for 12 mths and could not find a saddle to fit her.  Being a sensitive mare with a short back . I had Hugh problems from the saddle's moving too far forward over the shoulder and rubbing her. To the saddles being too long for her back. She was always bucking and biting me when I saddled her up. I found you on the internet and I was a little sceptical as you would be.  I put my trust into you and you did it.
I still can't believe I have a saddle that fits my horse and is so comfortable to ride in.  I went for another 3 hour ride the other day and we loved it (My horse and I).
This is the first time ever!  If only I had found you 12 mths ago.  I love my saddle, Mia (my horse) loves her saddle.  I tell anyone who see's my saddle who made it. I recommend  you to any one.  And all my friends who said you could not make a saddle from measurements and photos!!
Thanks again.
 Gayle Taylor



Hi John,

 I would like to thank you for making my reigning saddle. 

I must say that my research paid off and I am glad that you were the one I picked to make my saddle. As you know, my reason for getting a new saddle was due to the pressure points at the bottom of my horses wither, caused by my old western pleasure saddle. Well, I must say that during my first ride I've realised that there was more things wrong with my old saddle than I thought and when I dismounted it was good to see sweat all over. I am absolutely delighted with my new saddle. The seat puts me in the correct position and makes my riding easier and more comfortable. I love the workmanship. John you have done everything as you promised and I will be more then happy to promote your work up here in the Northern Territory. Thank you.



HI John,

Here are some photos Melissa is over the moon I think she will sleep with it tonight there are a couple of things I will talk to you about Melissa loves your choice of all the silver and the carvings. We had her horse saddled up and Ron was riding her up and down the fence waiting for her.

You are a man of your word a rare person these days and I surly appreciate all you have done for us




Hi John

I am having a really great time in my saddle, can't believe it's so comfortable.  It's almost a crime to have to go to work instead of going for a ride.  I'm afraid I've made a few people envious.  I havent taken any photos of it on the digital camera yet but when I do I will be sure to send you one.  I have recommended you to everyone that has seen my saddle, so hopefully you will get a few sales. Well thats all for now, hope all is well. Regards Joanne


 Hi John, Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I rode in the saddle on the weekend, comfort wise its everything I could ask for and the horse that has a soreness problem in his shoulder and hesitates when picking up his nearside lead, went straight into a relaxed lope with no hesitation each time I asked, he normally only does that in an English saddle. I would be happy to let anyone look at the saddle if need be or talk to them

thanks again, Marilyn    


I don't mind telling you about my saddle at all. When it arrived all my friends were green with envy especially the two who had ordered western saddles elsewhere and had to wait five months and still couldn’t get the colour they wanted which was a darker one like mine.
Thankyou so much for such a great saddle and your beautiful work.
I love it.



   Hi John
> Sorry for taking so long to contact you, but as is the case with all of us
> these days I've been pretty busy.  The saddle is great.  So both the horse and I are comfortable and happy.  I really put it to the test Saturday week ago, when we did a 30km, 5hour ride
>The horse had no problems at all (I did, but that was due to too much time
> in the saddle when I wasn't used to it - and being a glutton for punishment
> I did another 3 hours the next day).  Also, if you ever have a customer
> wanting a reference I'd be happy to speak to them, and be brutally honest
> and tell them about the great service and my wonderful saddle.
> How are things with you?  I really enjoy all the emails you send, they are
> always inspiring. 
> Keep well, regards
> Jenny

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Hi John,


I kept the saddle in the lounge for a couple of weeks because it was such a fine piece of work; even non-horsy people admired it. I had to take it to the tack room when hubby complained of the sweaty horse smell, honestly! I love the finish and colour of my saddle its a very classy looking bit of gear.

I only had three weeks to get used to it before I went on a five day horsemanship clinic with Ken Faulkner, so based on past experience with other western saddles I took my old half breed with me as well, just in case. Needless to say the half-breed stayed in the truck, we rode for up to six hours a day and the horse has never had a moments soreness. I found the saddle very comfy and wasn't any stiffer than I would have been in any saddle (I don’t normally ride for that long five days in a row). The pre-trained stirrups are wonderful, takes all the strain out of my knees.

So there you have it, universal acclaim from all who have seen it including my very fussy hubby (who also said it should do me until I am ready to ride a gopher! - motorized wheelchair for oldies!)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year


 Sharon Pisconeri  

Hi John,
I have sent you a photo of me and my horse half way through a 25km training level endurance ride back in August. The saddle you made for me was a delight to use for the ride ,which was in very rugged country. It has been so wet here this winter that I haven't been doing much with Mickey. Anyway we finished the ride in fair time ( we did stop for coffee and cake along the way!) and in the after ride vet check Mickey got all A's for his checks, including muscle and back soreness. The saddle didn't move an inch going up and down hills and crossing creeks etc. I enjoyed myse4lf so much I am going to do another one in a couple of weeks.





There are only two words to describe my John Allington Saddle and they are “absolutely fantastic”. 

My previous saddle was a very old, very heavy, calf roping saddle.  I nearly fell over trying to saddle my horse because of the weight of the saddle plus it was like sitting on a plank of wood.  Coming from a dressage background this was most distressing and uncomfortable!

After speaking with John and seeing his expertise first hand I was greatly reassured and confident that John would be able to make a saddle that was best suited for my horse and myself.  John’s knowledge in horsemanship and saddlery is unbelievable but most importantly he listened to exactly what I was looking for in my saddle.  I was after a deeper seat and more contact with my horse than most western saddles allowed and of course not a back breaker to lift – all this and still be comfortable for my horse too.  John understood what I wanted and the outcome is just wonderful.  John knows how to please both horse and rider.  Also John’s patience in answering my many questions was most appreciated!

  I now am the very proud owner of a lightweight but extremely strong/hardy saddle that is comfortable (for both myself and my horse) to ride in for 2 hours, all day, a weekend away or at a competition. 

The quality in the workmanship and finishing touches on my saddle are wonderful and are not unique to just my saddle either but to every saddle John makes.  John takes great pride in his work and his vast knowledge will ensure that each person will receive a saddle that works best for the individual person and their horse.

Thanks John.