This training set assembly is designed to assist with horses that are headstrong and tend to run through the bit and are generally out of balance.

Hard to stop horses respond very well to proper training with this set.

The nosepiece is adjustable so more or less nose pressure can be applied.

As the nose pressure is reduced then there can be more sweet iron snaffle pressure applied.

When the nose pressure is increased then there is less snaffle pressure.

When a medium is reached then there can be equal pressure brought to bear on both nose and mouth.
Another advantage with the noseband is it also helps a horse that tends to gape or open the mouth.

This is a wonderful piece of equipment to bring a young horse up and introduce it to the bit and develop a soft responsive mouth.

The martingale assembly, having a light draw rein effect, brings the nose down and in to develop the desired vertical headset.
Great for horses that toss or hold their head to high.

With proper application, a horse will soften at the jaw, flex at the poll, engage its hindquarters, round its back and collect up in a balanced form.

When ridden properly the horse will travel in a more balanced collected form placing more weight to the hindquarters, this will result in a lighter front ended horse that will perform at all gaits in the correct manner with a softer feel.

A horse that travels in this way will be straighter, perform better circles, stop much better and be smoother to ride.


This is one piece of equipment that every horseman should have to bring along quieter, more responsive and better performing horses.


Great for all horses, of all ages.


Hand made using the finest Hermann Oak leather in matching colours.

All stainless steel hardware used throughout.  Includes a sweet iron snaffle.

The full set, all sizes    $385 + $15 postage

COD Australia post if preferred.

Instructions included.