This saddle was built for Linda Shore renown Western Dressage rider and clinician.

 When you need a saddle to sit you in the most correct position and allow your horse to move without restriction you can count on this one.
Built on a narrow waist Visalia “A Fork” tree the saddle offers extreme comfort, so not only do you ride correctly you can ride all day.

The Western dressage saddles are built on a range of trees to give you exactly what you need to perform at your highest levels.

You can also option your new saddle with carving and or silver to your desires to make it uniquely yours.


Doma Vaquera

Doma a la Vaquera or “Cowboy Dressage as we know it.

A comfortable saddle that positions you correctly and right where you belong.
Shorter Mother Hubbard skirts and lighter weight make this a saddle that you will choose for every ride.